Erotic Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid Vol 6 Chpt 12 Bonus

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Little Mermaid book coverAnd here is the bonus material that was in the physical manga!

I’m also currently lettering chapter 5 to Yajuu Kanojo. Kinlyu helped us by translating that chapter! Yay~ Thank you so much! Look forward to the release in a few days. Most likely next week.

Gou’s script is still currently being QCed by Thestripedone. So much history stuff going on in this chapter! So we hope to start typesetting that next week. Kyrakyra helped translate Gou and she’s also working on the next chapter for us!

So I’m hoping to get these out:
Yajuu Kanojo chapter 5
Gou – Himetachi no Sengoku chapter 7
Chichikogusa chapter 6
Virgin Ripper chapter 17
Chichikogusa Volume 1 Bonus Material

Erotic Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid Vol 6 Chpt 12 Bonus – Read Online
Erotic Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid Vol 6 Chpt 12 Bonus – Download

10 comments on “Erotic Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid Vol 6 Chpt 12 Bonus

  1. so shit’s still gonna get dumber still? fuck my life.

    • Lol maybe you should give up on this title. XD Unless you read it to amuse you.

      • I usually try to finish series in some way because otherwise i feel really bad when i think about how i dont know if it ends well or not.

        The problem here is that the “trials” the author probably talks about focus on the mermaid being dumb while the other guy’s all perfect.

        I’ve also read a bunch of series lately where the characters act in the most indiotic way possible so i’ve been getting more and more aggravated lately.

        • Have you read Ragtonia? One of my favorites along with some of the authors other works.

          I also like Lost – Ikai no Kemonotachi. I would love to pick up this title but I need to find the other two volumes. D= I only have the first one.

          Uwagaki is also pretty good. XD

  2. holy poop… whats with that ominous message from the bonus chapter.
    How many chapter does the little mermaid have anyway?
    and thanks for the scans love you guys <3~

    • So far volume 7 is the newest and the cliffhanger is pretty bad. I’m going to wait on releasing those chapters until I hear of news of volume 8’s release. Mostly to spread the chapters out so people don’t have to wait as long between chapters.

  3. If you are putting volume 7 on hiatus, why don’t you work on ‘Star Money’?
    Because ‘Star Money’ is only two chapter story, I think it makes your work less dealing with ‘Erotic Fairy Tales’ project.

    • Maybe because we want to work on our other titles instead of erotic fairy tales all the time?

      • Not necessary all the time, but that makes goes with three ‘Black’ chapters as well, didn’t mean to say that… (-_-)

        However, because ‘Black’ and ‘Star Money’ stories are short, and the mermaid story is will not end shortly and easily, I was thinking that dealing with these two stories first will be better, so you can focus on long stories.

        For example, Gou and Chichikogusa are more than 5 chapters, and Virgin Ripper is more than 15 chapters.

        I apologize for this inconvenient, but I was making a suggestion for you.

        • That’s pretty much what we’ve been doing with the erotic series. =)

          We’ve released Snow White and Match Girl in between Little Mermaid. Mostly because of waiting for the release of the next volume of the Little Mermaid.

          But I’d like to work on our older series and slowly get them done too.

          Yajuu Kanojo is a joint with Delish. Just waiting for them to finish with the lettering.
          Kero Kero Chime is just for fun and whenever.

          Poor Gou hasn’t seen a release in 120 days.
          Chichikogusa in 86 days.
          Virgin Ripper in 73 days.
          Kikimimi Zukan in 62 days

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