Chichikogusa Chapter 6

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Chichikogusa-small-coverThe last chapter of Chichikogusa volume 1 is now release! I received the second volume from Kinokuniya Saturday so I tapped into the donations for that. I also went and bought Black chapter 3 in ebook format because it’s just easier than scanning in  pages.

I can’t wait to start on volume 2 of Chichikogusa! The second half of the book spends a bit more time with Tora’s co-workers. The other two medicine sellers that were introduced briefly in chapter 2 page 6 or so.

We still have all the bonus material to release in volume 1! It’s a bunch of short comics involving the past with Tora’s wife, sister, and a few other events. Especially big sis beating up Tora. So please look forward to that in a few weeks.

I’m hoping to get these chapters out in order hopefully:
Gou – Himetachi no Sengoku
Virgin Ripper
and then we’ll go back to the Little Mermaid.

Please please support Tagawa Mi! Chichikogusa is such a wonderful manga and the characters are all unique I believe! It’s also Tagawa’s first series! You can easily purchase the Japanese manga at Kinokuniya! (She’s also expecting her second child so she can probably use the extra money.)
Chichikogusa Volume 1
Chichikogusa Volume 2

Hope you enjoy this tear jerking story!

Chichikogusa Vol 01 Chpt 06 – Read Online
Chichikogusa Vol 01 Chpt 06 – Download

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4 comments on “Chichikogusa Chapter 6

  1. Hi, i just wanted to express my gratitude for your work on this beautiful manga.
    I cried my heart out, and stupidly and happily smile with every chapters so far… Thank you for picking up this pearl.

    • It’s our pleasure. I love this authors work. If you check out her site she has a bunch of wonderful illustrations that I love. Her character expressions are so wonderful along with each characters personality. Each one is so unique.

  2. This series is so cute and tearjearking. Thank you for translating and sharing! T__T

    • Isn’t it? XD I love how it tugs at the heart strings yet it has such amusing light hearted moments.

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