Yajuu Kanojo Chapter 2 – part A and part B

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Yajuu-small-coverHere’s chapter 2 of Yajuu Kanojo! This is the continuation of chapter 1!

So be sure to head over to Delish Scans and say thank you for this wonderful release!  We have another project we’re working on when we’re done with Yajuu Kanojo. So please look forward to that!

Yajuu Kanojo Vol 1 Chpt 2 part a and b – Read Online
Yajuu Kanojo Vol 1 Chpt 2 part a & b- Download

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3 comments on “Yajuu Kanojo Chapter 2 – part A and part B

  1. I’m not sure who did the translation exactly, since your credits page didn’t specify, but I just wanted to congratulate whoever it was on a job extremely well done! The English flowed beautifully, was natural without being overly slangy or forced, and made an already sweet manga that much better. Fabulous work; I don’t think I’ve come across such an impeccable scanlation in a while. Thank you!!

    • All the credits for the translation and lettering work goes to the ladies at Delish Scans. 🙂 Be sure to head over there and tell them!

      • Done!

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