Erotic Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid Vol 7 Chpt 14

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Little-Mermaid-small-coverHere’s the next chapter of The Little Mermaid. Still no news on when the next volume is coming out. Until then we will be working on our current projects.

Plan of releases are:
Why Not Be My Dog Chapter 2
Chichikogusa Chapter 7
Kero Kero Chapter 3
Virgin Ripper Chapter 18

Erotic Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid Vol 7 Chpt 14 – Read Online
Erotic Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid Vol 7 Chpt 14 – Download

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11 comments on “Erotic Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid Vol 7 Chpt 14

  1. helloo… I was suprised when I saw the updates in BU. I didn’t think that you would release Mermaid and ready to wait another month. I’m so thankful with the release, really appreciate for your hardwork. By the way, can I ask? what happened with EFT Black project? I remember at another post that you will take it as your project and saw it in project status but I can’t see it anymore. Am I missed it?

    • *points at the future projects*
      I have all 3 chapters of it. Just waiting for Mermaid to finish before picking up another story. I only have one translator.

      • Thanks for replying 😀
        I didn’t know there’s a page for future projects. I thought your project list was in Fan’s Wish List #faceplam (I feel stupid)

        • Lol np! No fans wish list is something I decided to do once a year to allow readers a chance to have us pick up a title that has been dropped or never done before that they want to see done.

  2. Thank you so much.

  3. Fish girl just dug herself an even deeper grave. But that Kaya, Kiya or whatever her name is, is a complete b**ch. Prince Blonde is a p***k for taking advantage of Fish girl’s situation. And the other prince heads to use his brain sometimes rather than his heart or whatever. My apologizes for my language, had to censor myself because I’m beginning to get irritated with how some of the characters are. I can only hope that it will all end soon. Like the art work but the story, not so much.

    • And thank you for updating 🙂

  4. Mermaid Vol 8. I don’t even know what to expect i last chapter. Will Lotte die like in original story or will she end up with Abel. To be honest this manga give me more headache when Vampire Knight or The One manga 😀 P.S Than you for such hard work 🙂

  5. I didnt post in the last chapters but characters in this story are really stupid… especially lotte.

    How do you expect your story to be interesting when your plot relies on blatantly stupid characters.

  6. Thank you for update!

    Well, I’m only reading this because I already started… now I have to finish, the heroine is soo stupid… not to mention the prince… I like Lord Deo, he is the only one who deserves a decent end here. I hope this story ends soon.

  7. i so love Erotic Fairy Tales – THE LITTLE MERMAID . ty so much for all ur hard work . i so hope u will continue this story as now i am so addicted to it . u guys are so amazing to be able to do this and the fact that u chose to share i am forever grateful . ty so much . i so cant wait for the next chapter and i hear u r looking for more ppl i am so rooting for u as i am a reader and am not smart enough to do this lol ty again for all u do.

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