Yajuu Kanojo Chapter 3

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Yajuu-small-coverWe would like to say happy birthday to Li from Delish Scans! To celebrate I made Delle finish chapter 3!

I am also currently holding hostage a title we are working on. One more chapter left Li and Delle!

May you have a wonderful birthday Li!

Yajuu Kanojo Vol 1 Chpt 3 – Read Online 
Yajuu Kanojo Vol 1 Chpt 3 – Download


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4 comments on “Yajuu Kanojo Chapter 3

  1. by far my favrite chapter

  2. Awww, thanks Arleea dear!!! You’re so sweet, I was expecting books from Delle but not this!

    P.S. when’s YOUR birthday? The circle must go full!

    • NEVAR!

      I was trying to get Delli to finish 4 to be released with 3 but she got burnt out. XD I think she translated half of 4?

      • Haha, yesh, I heard about that from herself. ;P It’s the effort and thought that counts, I’m not worth a double release~

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