Kagome Kagome Chapter 4

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KagomeKagomeThis chapter goes a little into the past. Makes one wonder if Melina dislikes Emila or holds a grudge against her. Thestripedone doesn’t think so. He views it as a sign from god to Melina that prevented her from eloping with the man. So Emila is like a constant reminder. No we’re not religious in any way. It’s just a very interesting plot. Guess we’ll find out later in the series maybe.

I like these types of stories that make you think. Haha but I’m sure some of you readers know this from some of the weirder stories we’ve already done.

Kagome Kagome Chpt 4 – Read Online
Kagome Kagome Chpt 4 – Download

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2 comments on “Kagome Kagome Chapter 4

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  2. Thanks love it very lovy manga

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