Kagome Kagome Chapter 5

KagomeKagomeAnyone else think that Emila is the daughter of a prostitute maybe even that man’s? I seriously don’t know but it’s interesting how the sisters and prostitutes go by the same beliefs about men. Yet one is holy and the other is sin.

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4 comments on “Kagome Kagome Chapter 5

  1. i think the sister came from that house after the guy broke her heart

    • erm no…. That place is a prostitute house. The man was leaving after purchasing the service of a prostitute… Melina has been part of the church since she was young. In the previous chapter she was going to elope with the man, but on her way she came across an abandoned baby. She couldn’t just leave the baby in the rain so she took it back to the Nunnery. Ruining her chances of eloping with the man.

  2. Ah…just so you know. “Nunnery” is a slang word (from the 16th century) for a brothel. I believe that you mean a “convent”.


    • Lol! I asked my husband and he knew about it from Shakespear class in undergraf. I had no idea. XD

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