Kagome Kagome Chapter 11 End

KagomeKagomeAh the end. It’s truly a nice title I think. It’s sweet yet with a touch of melancholy. I like doing these types of stories. I hope to do one other title of IKEBE Aoi, but that wont be until far into the future.

I hope you enjoyed this lovely story!

Kagome Kagome Chpt 11 End – Read Online
Kagome Kagome Chpt 11 End – Download

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4 comments on “Kagome Kagome Chapter 11 End

  1. I wonder if 7 years will soon come to pass and they may meet at the festival…

    Great title.

    • Very interesting idea! I wonder too.

  2. i love kagome kagome did the auther do anything else also i also wonder great ending

  3. Thank you so much for this manga!!

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