Why Not Be My Dog? Vol 1 Chpt 2

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Inugamihime-ni-KuchizukeAlmost a year since the last release. I’m terribly sorry about that. I’ve waited for Scorpian to letter the chapter since the translations have been completed for almost a year. But he’s been busy with real life and other things that he never got to it. So I went ahead and lettered it myself. It’s not as grand as his lettering so hopefully he’ll get the motivation to work on it.

For now please enjoy!

Why Not Be My Dog? Vol 1 Chpt 2 – Read Online
Why Not Be My Dog? Vol 1 Chpt 2 – Download

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4 comments on “Why Not Be My Dog? Vol 1 Chpt 2

  1. What an awesome series realy loved the 2 chapters sad that there are only 2 chapters of it. Thank you for translating it. Hope you continue with it. But thank you for the hard work even if you dont.

    • We have no plans on dropping this series. So don’t worry.

  2. i forgot how much i loved this manga thank u

  3. Thanks for the release! I really love this mangaka

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