Kimete Agemasu: Mamotte Agemasu Bangai Hen

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protectSomeone requested if we could do this last chapter for Mitsu no Yoru. They mentioned it was only 5 pages long and never released in English. Heck 5 pages? Sure why not! Alas it was not available for purchase om EBJ and I didn’t want to spend like $10-$15 for 5 pages. Luckily the reader said Icarus Bride had the raws! She generously gave us permission to use her raws and release the chapter! So please be sure to go and thank her!

Kimete Agemasu: Mamotte Agemasu Bangai Hen – Read Online
Kimete Agemasu: Mamotte Agemasu Bangai Hen – Download

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3 comments on “Kimete Agemasu: Mamotte Agemasu Bangai Hen

  1. Omg, this idiot couple. They’re so cute. Thanks for releasing this.

  2. It was me who requested this, thank you very much for accepting my request. Also, sorry I didn’t put my name in the chat box. I’m quite proud of myself now since I got some of the translation right when I was trying to translate the portuguese copy (not that it matters if I did since it’s missing 2 pages lol). Thank you very much. 🙂

    • You’re welcome. It was an amusing one shot. 🙂

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