Chichikogusa Volume 2 Chapter 12

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Chichikogusa-small-coverYay! We’re at the end of volume 2! Now I just need to start scanning in volume 3… fun stuff. Volume 3 will cover more on Tora’s family and friends!

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Chichikogusa Vol 02 Chpt 12 – Read Online
Chichikogusa Vol 02 Chpt 12 – Download

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4 comments on “Chichikogusa Volume 2 Chapter 12

  1. Thank you very much!!

  2. i loved it cant wait to see the old home, how did the mom die again??

    • She fell. It’ll go into more detail in the next volume. =)

    • She was eaten by Godzilla. Terrible tragedy.

      (That was my husband posing as me.)

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