Aigan Cinderella Chapter 3

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My least favorite story but eh it’s smut! Please be aware that there is an orgy scene/rape.

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8 comments on “Aigan Cinderella Chapter 3

  1. I don’t really like this series too but somehow ended up reading it and then criticized it. Intense smut that are acceptable for me are those with good stories. And in this manga, just gives a feeling that being rape is not a big deal. Thinking back with the previous chapters, obscene acts were forcefully done with the women.

    • Oh but still, Thanks for your hardwork! otsukare! Will patiently wait for an update of other manga 🙂

    • Yeah it seems to be aimed as “naughty desires”

      The first chapter I had no problem with. A lot of people on those reading sites keeps calling the girl a B**** but the dude is the one who took advantage of her drunkenness and made her sign a contract to be his sex toy. And lets face it, single woman getting two hot guys to herself? What’s wrong with that? XD The guys in the story were obviously okay with it and were the one who started it.

      Second story… the co-worker is a jerk. He took advantage of her state of mind and she did snap out of it and ran off. Now as far as I know a lot of rape cases go ignored in Japan. It’s just how it is in Japan.

      Third story… oh god… it’s the whole “It’s your fault woman! I’m working hard for you, etc.” This again is a very Japanese mindset. The woman stays home and cooks dinner. The men seriously work hours on end and sometimes don’t go home until late. If it was me I’d dump the BF and go have fun. XD

      Fourth story seems decent at least. The whole boy next door you’ve known since you were kids story.

      • Pointing those out I realized that the story may not be that great but at least it gives us something out- a glimpse of reality of bad things that is happening in japan.

        And as for the single woman and 2 hot guys, kukuku i get what you mean XD

        • Lol ah well it’s not that great of a story. XD We only did it because it got a lot of votes. Don’t think I’ll be working on those types of smut anymore. Unless I like it. XD Bwahahaha~

          Fufufu~ >D

  2. Page 26-27 have Hana instead of Kana.
    Thanks for the chapter. Even though i probably won’t read it again lol. 🙂

    • Thank you for telling me. XD I went ahead and fixed it.

  3. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! 🙂

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