Why Not Be My Dog? Vol 1 Chpt 4

Inugamihime-ni-KuchizukeHere’s the last chapter for volume 1! Poor Kazura can’t get a break from her boss. I was actually surprised to learn than Bentengou is a male dog. Haha…

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10 comments on “Why Not Be My Dog? Vol 1 Chpt 4

  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! šŸ™‚

  2. thank you so much for this chapter. i am glad to see he likes but but i want to know why on earth he would want to replace her

  3. Loved it! Thanks a bunch for scanlating this!

    • You’re welcome!

  4. Thank you for the chapter! I love this series ā™”

    • You’re welcome!

  5. As for Bentengou being male, it seems that, especially with Mikura’s possession, the user remains themselves partly while possessed, just that they’re channeling Bentengou’s power. Bentengou acts nothing like the lovesick energetic puppy that Kazura turns into while channeling him, and for that matter Mikura doesn’t turn into a lovesick puppy either. A bit like a fusion?

    • I dunno. There’s plenty of male dogs that get absolutely excited when they see their master, but act differently to others. As for finding out that Bentengou is male, was a surprise. I thought it was a female dog but when my husband translated chapter 4 he said that the dog spoke very masculine. So we labeled Bentengou male. Inukai even mentions that Bentengou is so loyal to the point that Bentengou would throw his life away, hence the over affection.

  6. What is the font you guys use in this series?

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