The Cradle of the Sea Chpt 1

Yay a new series! It’s a title I’ve been wanting to work on and since Arte was picked up in English. We went ahead and started on this title!

The Cradle of the Sea Chpt 1 – Read Online
The Cradle of the Sea Chpt 1 – Download

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9 comments on “The Cradle of the Sea Chpt 1

  1. thank u so much for thgis i just love it

  2. Thanks a lot for the new release!! 🙂

  3. Man really loved the first chapter and can’t wait for more thanks

    • You’re welcome. ^_^ Glad you like it! Pity it’s going to be one of those titles that wont get much attention. I’m sad Chichikogusa doesn’t have more of a following either, but oh well! I like the story!

  4. omg I’ve been hoping someone would pick Umi no Cradle up. Thank you so much, you guys are my heroes!

    • Mwahahahaha. =D

  5. I like the first chapter. This is interesting and I’m excited to know if the master is truly alive or not. I hope it will not be a tragedy though. BTW, Evan is sooooo cute! Thanks for picking up this manga.

    • I can’t imagine him being alive really… but who knows?

  6. Very interested in reading more! Thanks for this one!

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