Virgin Ripper Vol. 7 Chpt 23

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Virgin-Ripper-small-coverAnd this chapter leaves off at Prom! We will also start doing the following titles monthly:
Virgin Ripper
Why Not be My Dog?
The Cradle of the Sea

Any other titles we will be doing will be released once in awhile.
I mostly want to get Virgin Ripper and Gou out of the way by next year. You may have also notice that a lot of the chapters for next month and even December have already been translated. This is due to my husband wanting to work on his writing rather than translating in November.

On a side note some of you may have heard that the Mangaka, Miyata Kouji, for Why Not be My Dog, has passed away recently. I’m still moping about it but there was a slight joy. Most notably that volume 6 is the LAST volume to Be My Dog. I went ahead and purchased it to see if it was the last or not. So we will not be left hanging and to those who love, Oh! My Sweet Alien. He had also released a second volume to that. I highly recommend reading the first one if you haven’t. Scorpian will be working on the second volume with another translator and release it himself. I’m eager for a release!

If you’re wondering how he passed it was apparently from high blood pressure, which caused a stroke, which then caused a brain hemorrhage. He was 34…

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One comment on “Virgin Ripper Vol. 7 Chpt 23

  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapter. Rest in Peace Miyata Sensei 🙁

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