Delay releases for this month.

As the title says there’s been a few family issues the past few months and because of it some titles I was hoping to release this month may be pushed back into next month.

Next Monday for a week we will be gone. My father has been battling cancer that he found out too late, he just got it checked out like 2 months ago and there’s nothing the doctors can do because it’s spread too far. They say he has about half to a year left so as a surprise we’re going to drive 20+hrs to visit him for a few days since this may be his last Christmas. Heck he hasn’t seen his grandkids since my mother died 4 years ago from melanoma, skin cancer. So this is a very last minute decision to visit my father for Christmas. I hope you all understand and thank you if you do.

I will try and work on Gou, Little Mermaid, and Cradle of the Sea this week and try to get them out before we leave. Someone is helping with translating Why Not Be My Dog. I don’t know when they will be done with it but I’ll e-mail them and check. Otherwise anything not released this week will just have to wait until next month.

We do not plan on starting ANY titles until we complete some of our current titles. I want to finish Mermaid, Gou, and Saraba Yasashii Yuuzuru before picking up a new title. Beauty!! will be the next title we will be working on.

Thanks everyone and hope you all have a good Holiday!

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  1. I’m so sorry about your dad. Nothing worse than going through something like that at any time. But, it’s even worse since it’s almost Christmas. I understand how you feel, I lost 2 aunts to cancer but, I can hardly image what your going through since it’s a parent. Keep strong and all the best for you and your family. x

    • I’m sorry to hear about your lose. Cancer is a horrid thing. We’re only able to do this trip because the husbands family is helping with the cost. So I’m very grateful to them.

      • That’s good that you have your family around you regardless of whos side they are from. There’s nothing better than knowing your family’s there for you than doing it alone. Always keep them around no matter how hard it gets. It’s great that your in laws are helping you, even though you must feel bad about taking their money. I sincerely hope your dad isn’t in to much pain.

        • Thanks. Yeah my husbands family is wonderful and I do feel bad taking their money, but can’t really be picky when it comes to your own family member dying and a chance to visit them one last time. He’s not in much pain asides the huge bulge in his neck which makes it hard for him to breath and eat. The DR wants his to do chemo to try and reduce it’s size.

  2. Hey, I just wanted to share my support. My father was 60 when he died from pancreatic cancer back in 2014. I know how the last moments feel…Be sure to be there for him because even if he may not show it, it must terribly terrifying for him…I am 17, my father died when I was 16. I believe he hid many things from me, my older sisters and my mother which has multiple sclerosis. He surely wanted to not worry us. He had been hiding many things the doctor told him, and never allowed my mother to come with him to the hospital. I wasn’t aware that he was slowly leaving… I had been in denial, thinking he’d get better, even when he had become skinnier than me. I regret many things. I hope that this will make you do everything you can for your father. Please love him to the best you can… I hope that some kind of miracle will happen, and that your father may stay with you. Please do not ever give up, keep having faith, and stay brave. May you all be blessed with happiness, no matter what. Much love, MB

    • >_< Awww jeez I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your father at such a young age. I can't even imagine. My neighbor lost his mom when he was in high school from breast cancer, there's no dad in the picture. I lost my mom a month after my second youngest was born. Talk about hormones completely out of whack. I'm not too close to my father and he does nothing but complain when anyone does something nice. But I figured we may as well visit him since we can. I wasn't in denial I have a tendency to think the worst of things so that it's not so hard when the worst does happen. My brains way of defending itself for the emotional pain that may come to pass. ^_^; Many hugs to you and I wish you a lot of happiness too.

  3. Sorry to hear about this.
    My grandfather dead from cancer(liver cancer,if my memorry is right),
    and my dad lost one of his eyes when he battle with cancer years ago.
    (the tumor was in the head,behind the right eye,so to remove it clearly,the eye most go.)
    So I understand your feeling,and I understand that you want to spend more time with him.
    Just take all the time you need,we readers can wait.

    • >_< It's scary how many people die or had fought cancer. I'm glad my boys still have a little bit of obliviousness before they realize how cruel the world is. They understand that my mom died from cancer and that now my dad is dying from cancer. I am glad your dad survived though. =) A little good news on this post after all the ones of those who lost someone.

  4. Sorry to hear.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that. My father passed away just last August, and it was really hard seeing him in pain and he suffered a great deal before he passed away from complications (caused by a lifetime habit of chainsmoking), and I can only guess what pain your dad has to go through. We stopped communicating civilly more than a decade ago when he left my mom, but we were the ones beside him at the very end.

    • Yeah I think that’s what caused my dad’s cancer too. chain-smoking and heavy drinking. *sighs*
      My husband and I warn our boys about the dangers of smoking and all that stuff too. One main reason I don’t smoke. @_@ It smells bad and it triggers my migraines like crazy and well my dad wasn’t a great influence when growing up. There were some happy times though.

  6. I am so sorry about your father. I really do hope there is a way for him to recover, but if not, I hope his passing is a quick and painless one. I had my aunt pass away from cancer, and her last few years of battling against it was extremely painful for her, to the point where death was more humane than letting her live. I hope your father won’t go through what my aunt went through, no one should ever have to suffer like that.
    Family is more important than translating! I wish you and your family can spend a memorable Christmas and New Year together. Even though it sounds like your father was difficult to put up with, don’t forget to tell him you love him and are grateful for all the things he has done, so you won’t regret any unsaid things when he passes away.

  7. prayers for all of u

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