Virgin Ripper Vol. 7 Chpt 26

Virgin-Ripper-small-coverHere’s the last chapter to volume 7! Many kudo’s to those who have figured out about Hikari! Now if it’s only Kotori’s essence then where IS her spirit? ^_~

Also I removed and deleted the chatango group cause I was getting tired of people asking questions about the Erotic Fairy Tales.

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10 comments on “Virgin Ripper Vol. 7 Chpt 26

  1. Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  2. Ohhh I hate these cliffhangers! XD
    Thank you so much for translating this manga, as always you did an amazing job.

    • I wonder if anyone knows where Kotori’s soul is. XD Bwahahahahaha~

  3. Thanks a lot =). Somehow I have more and more questions after I read a new chapter. So Hikari has Kotoris spirit, but not her soul? So does her soul has something to do with the Akashi record?
    Hmm … I think I will re-read everything from the beginning, maybe I that will help.
    But I really like this series 😀

    • Hikari has her essence. =) Don’t forget that Hikari is a clone so Kitori’s spirit is in the girl that was in the hospital. Or so that’s what I’m guessing so far.

      • But wouldn’t it have been lost? Since if it was in the girl, the girl became Kitori after dieing right? Since she was human and Hikari being cloned was before Hikari died @.@

        • As far as I’m guessing is that Kotori died and reincarnated as that sick girl in the hospital. Hikari being that girls clone only has her essence since she’s not really human. The sick girl survived because Hikari killed herself so the original could have her organs.

          • That makes does make sense! I can’t wait to find out x) Gotta love mangas with mysteries, alltough it’s kinda sad if he only likes her for having Kotoris essence 🙁

          • In a way he’ saying her loves her because it’s her. For what is gathered she acts the same as Kotori. Even her older twin sister imagined Hikari as Kotori because they act so alike. If you think about what makes you is you or your soul if you believe in souls. Your body does not define who you are.

            As Ryouma said to Kotoha, her body may look and feel the same as Kotori but they’re not the same because of their soul or personality if that makes it easier to understand. But Hikari has Kotori’s essence/personality or what made Kotori, Kotori. It’s slightly complex but yet bitter sweet.

  4. Part of the confusion here with souls/spirits/essences is a translation thing.

    The word Ryouma uses in Japanese is “Kotori no sonzai,” which is literally “her existence.”

    Word-for-word what he says on that page is:

    Inside of Hikari
    Kotori’s existence [verb marker with no verb because HA HA HA Japanese hates you]

    As for souls and spirits, I tend to use those interchangeably to make “tamashii” (which sort of means both or either?) sound sensible in English.

    My interpretation of all this is that Hikari is quite literally a part of Kotori’s being, split off from the sick girl (whose name I always forget) when she was cloned, and given corporeal form in Hades after she killed herself by Ryouma.

    For Reasons.

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