Saraba, Yasashii Yuuzuru – Story 3

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Saraba Yasashii Yuuzuru small coverEver since Sumi was a child she’s been called all sorts of names because of the birthmark on her face. Feeling bitter, she wished her twin brother, Natsumi, would lose his face and experience what she feels. Now, in middle school, Sumi’s wish has finally been granted.

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6 comments on “Saraba, Yasashii Yuuzuru – Story 3

  1. Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

  3. omg so good, i cried at the ending, thank you so much

    • Yeah I’m glad she realized she wasn’t the only one suffering but her brother too in his own way. =)

  4. I made a mistake reading this at work. It made a lot of dust get into my eyes, and I can’t stop tearing up. love this chapter.

    • Haha hope you didn’t worry anyone at work. XD Glad you liked it. Probably the best one in the volume. The last one seems a bit bitter sweet too. Some guy who died and now works for some un-dead group. They prevent others from dying from accidents or something?

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