Ragtonia Vol 4 Chpt 15

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ragtoniaThis chapter makes my heart flutter!

And sorry about the later release. I forgot to release it yesterday because we were so busy. Thestripedone will be gone for almost 2 weeks but he translated some Kero Kero Chime and he even finished QCing chapter 14 of Gou for me.

Please enjoy this chapter! I know I did.

Ragtonia Vol 4 Chpt 15 – Read Online
Ragtonia Vol 4 Chpt 15 – Download

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5 comments on “Ragtonia Vol 4 Chpt 15

  1. I loveee this chapter. Randi and Meryl is so cute together, I agree, it made your heart flutter fufufu

  2. Wait what actually happened to Randi and Meryl? Can’t wait for the next chapter, hopefully some things will be cleared up! Thanks for all your hard work! 👏

    • Meryl is dying because she used the last of her magical energy to save the village. Randi is actually in love with her and wants her to stay alive so he offered his eyes to her so she can consume his life energy to live. He goes blind because she took his eyes.

      • Do the fairies leave Randi then since they don’t like necromancy or do they still stay? They seem to have grown somewhat attached to Meryl as well. I was confused since it almost seemed as if Randi had died but he was just closing his eyes off to the outside world.

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