Ragtonia Vol 4 Chpt 18 – END

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ragtoniaMany thanks to Abigail for their wonderful donation! I was able to buy both volume 5 of Chichikogusa and Takano’s Courtesan title with some left over!

We have finally reached the end of Ragtonia! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I have! Most of the thanks should go to Thestripedone for translating it for me! He knew I’ve always wanted to finish reading it when I mentioned reading the first volume with it was published in English years ago at the bookstore. Then the publishers closed it’s doors.

Anyways please enjoy the end of this long journey!

Ragtonia Vol 4 Chpt 18 – Read Online
Ragtonia Vol 4 Chpt 18 – Download

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8 comments on “Ragtonia Vol 4 Chpt 18 – END

  1. Thanks a lot for translating Ragtonia!! 😀

  2. Thanks!! This story was great!

  3. Thanks so much for translating! I was overjoyed to see that chapters were being put out after waiting months for new releases. Glad to be able to read the ending now!

  4. Thank you, it’s a satisfying ending and another good manga finished. So happy!

    • I love the extra when Cardus brought Falna to his village and the villagers asked if she’s his wife and she shouts yes. XD

      • Thank you soo much for finishing Ragtonia!
        I also love that scene, hihi <3

  5. thanks so much for completing this series!!

  6. Thank you very much for this incredible series!! I enjoyed the ending so much, it was a great closure for all the characters 🙂

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