Saraba, Yasashii Yuuzuru – Story 4 -END

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Saraba Yasashii Yuuzuru small coverYay! Done with another title this month! Well I guess Ragtonia doesn’t really count but who cares!

Working Ghouls:
Kouno died while trying to save his dad’s cat, Mimi, and became a ghost. So much for his dad’s educated insistence that ghosts aren’t real! What’s worse is that Kouno is now trying to be a professional ghost but can’t appear before people and needs to learn how. Meanwhile the company “Working Ghoul” gets a job at a musical fundraiser. The job? To protect his dad from a premeditated crime against him.

Saraba, Yasashii Yuuzuru – Story 4 – Read Online
Saraba, Yasashii Yuuzuru – Story 4 – Download

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3 comments on “Saraba, Yasashii Yuuzuru – Story 4 -END

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