The Cradle of the Sea Chpt 10

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Because I’ve been waiting for Thestripedone to finish translating Virgin Ripper I went ahead and started lettering next months chapters he had already translated. So here’s a chapter of The Cradle of the Sea a few weeks early!

I would also love to welcome our newest translator, Ferdverel! She has asked if she could translate Chichikogusa because she loves the series so much she even bought the Japanese books! She will also be translating Why Not Be My Dog! She’s so awesome that she’s already done translating chapter 11 of Be My dog after 1 day!

The Cradle of the Sea Chpt 10 – Read Online
The Cradle of the Sea Chpt 10 – Download

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4 comments on “The Cradle of the Sea Chpt 10

  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! 🙂

  2. thanks so much i just love this series also welcome ferdverel!!!

  3. Thank you so much for the welcome! Super excited and glad to be onboard!
    I’ll do my best and hope not to disappoint!

  4. Thank you.

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