Beauty!! Volume 4 Extra 2 – Dangerous Rain, the Water of Love

Beauty!!Rather silly extra.

Please enjoy!

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2 comments on “Beauty!! Volume 4 Extra 2 – Dangerous Rain, the Water of Love

  1. Before deciding abput if to read this series, there’s something I’d like to ask:

    There are two different summaries of the plot at M-U, and while mostly compatible, the names of the boys are different (where yours says “Bidou Yoh” and “Mucchi”, the other group’s, who did most of the series, says “Kiyoshi” and “Atsushi”). Has there been a change in nomenclature or is each summary narrating a different encounter?

    • The original group didn’t translate the names properly. But later on they corrected it. For Yoh’s name it’s よう = You, but since it’s pronounced Yoh and it would just confuse people to see, “You, and You went out last night” we went with Yoh. “You, and Yoh went out last night.” As for Mucchi, his name is actually むつ (Mutsu) but Makoto and everyone else always call him むっちゃん (mucchan), but because the translator doesn’t like to leave -chan and such in translations, he becomes Mucchi instead. Basically it’s a cutesy nickname.

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