Virgin Ripper Vol. 9 Chpt 34

Virgin-Ripper-small-coverYes the end of volume 9! Ryouma is a jerk at the end of this chapter but a few things are slowly being answered!


Virgin Ripper Vol 9 Chpt 34 – Read Online
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2 comments on “Virgin Ripper Vol. 9 Chpt 34

  1. Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  2. I just can’t wait to the end 😀
    Ryouma… Who do you really love now? I hope that “Kotori the First” will never back again. Even if she and Hikari are one person, I prefer Hikari.
    If Ryouma can’t love her now, then I hope that this time he will be dead. Sorry 😀
    But, ofcourse, I really hope that he accepted Hikari and he will do anything to save her not just because of Kotori’s soul.

    Sorry for mistakes…

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