Why Not Be My Dog? Vol 5 Chpt 17

Inugamihime-ni-KuchizukeYes I got this chapter done in like 1 day. Don’t ever expect that to happen again. =P And that danger was pretty short lived. XD

Many thanks to Esther for donating too! =) I think we’re pretty good on donations now. The only thing I have to buy for the rest of the year is the next volume of Chichikogusa next month and that’s only $9 and maybe Scattered Courtesan $3. Otherwise I have all the volumes for our current titles for this year. In January we’ll be starting a bunch of new titles! Oooh!

Why Not Be My Dog? Vol 5 Chpt 17 – Read Online
Why Not Be My Dog? Vol 5 Chpt 17 – Download

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10 comments on “Why Not Be My Dog? Vol 5 Chpt 17

  1. I really hope they are together in the end. IF not, that would totally ruin it for me because they are so good together.

    • I say nothing but saw all.

  2. Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  3. thanks

  4. So feeeest! Thank you so much for the double treat! o/

    • Fufufufu double this month, triple next, then quad in Dec! Madness!

      • Waaaaaah!! \( ^o^)/

  5. Thank you so much! 🙂

  6. Thank you so much! I never thought that Mikogami would have red hair.

  7. I forgot to add, I’m ‘shipping Mikogami and Tsumugi so hard!

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