Waraenu Douji – 108 no Gou – vol 1 Extras

Here’s another new title! So many new titles this year and we’re not even done releasing for this month!

Sorry but we decided not to do the afterword because of how hard it is to read the kanji… it’s pretty bad chicken scratch.

Waraenu Douji Extra – Read Online
Waraenu Douji Extra – Download

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7 comments on “Waraenu Douji – 108 no Gou – vol 1 Extras

  1. OMG! I really love the plot of this manga. Sometimes I wish the last group who scanlated this series finished it all the way to the last volume. =( I think the last update from them for this manga was around 2014.

    • 🙂 Don’t worry. We will finish this title.

      • You’re awesome. I’d given up hope of seeing this finished.

  2. Thanks for picking this up!

    • You’re welcome. 🙂

  3. Omg thank you so much for picking up this mmanna.I never thought I would see it again. I really hand enjoyed reading the few chapters that are available but I’ve always wanted to see the others. Please don’t drop this project!

    • We have no plans to drop it. 😛 I still need to purchase the next volume though. XD

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