Erotic Fairy Tales – Rapunzel

I hate to say it but we decided not to do any more Erotic Fairy Tales. We have lost interest and most of the stories are pretty bad or just makes us uncomfortable. To make up for it I added two other titles into our list for this month. First Love Body and Arrogant Kiss.

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  1. I can respect that. And I agree about the “uncomfortable” part. Thanks for all the work!

    • For Rapunzel she’s stupidly naive and the guy takes advantage of it. Then the ‘witch’ is some fairy boy who takes care of her. Near the end she gets raped by the fairy boy who went crazy along with Black’s assistant who uses his tails to rape her too… it’s just weird and uncomfortable. She’s crying and stuff and the prince is conflicted about his feelings for her or something. He goes and saves her eventually.

  2. Hello! It is true that sometimes it can get tired of the same plot of a manga because it becomes repetitive of many manga that have been published, but please, I encourage you to work them! Keep up with these smut mangas! <3
    I take this opportunity to tell you if we can re-translate this manga too ^^ (my fansub is Paradise Akai Fansub!)

    • And another question.. you happen to be working the manga Erotic Fairy Tales: Bijo to Yajuu??? If so and they will work, I would ask permission to re-translate it into Spanish. Thanks in advance and I hope your answer!

    • Please respect our wishes on not wanting to work on the series. I have already stated we will not work on this title. So we will not.

  3. I’m actually quite happy to see the other titles instead of more fairy tales! Little riding hood was the exception. Thank you as always, Arleea.

    • Aww I’m glad.
      There are other smut titles I’ve looked at based on the art of story that we may do.
      Otherwise I’m seriously excited to do First Love Body!
      It’s a comedy of sorts about a elementary school girl who loves muscular men and her neighbor is in the high school Judo club. So he’s very muscular so she’s kinda stalker like about it. It’s ecchi for girls since it’s always showing the guys chests or something.

      • holy!!! the guy is so hot T^T He’s totally my type! Super glad you picked this up instead of working on erotic fairy tales~ tho I really enjoyed little mermaid :3

  4. will you finish the ones you started??

    • Like red riding hood and scattered courtesan? Yes.

      • cool

  5. I think your decision is right – it’s the best to do the things that makes you happy and are a pleasure to do 🙂 And I really love the new series you pick up! Such great choices – as always 🙂 I worked for few years for a scanlation group as an editor/typesetter/cleaner, so I know it’s important to do the series you really like 🙂 And – if some day you need help, I’d be eager to help 🙂

  6. Could you tell me where you got these stories from do that I could read them by myself please? THANK YOU FOR TRANSLATING SO MUCH ALREADY(╹◡╹)♡. I would like the link because I’m still interested in the Ore Sama one and would like to finish reading that. (Raw or not) THANK YOU (๑>◡<๑)

    • I bought it from Ebooks Japan. I don’t get my manga from free online raw sites (asides 6 one-shots we have done). I prefer to buy them to support the author.

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