First Love Body Chpt 01

 Here is the first chapter of a very funny shoujo manga! With lots of eye candy of muscled men!

4th-year Elementary student Kotone is obsessed with the aesthetic appreciation of muscles, and her older neighbor Jouji is her ideal body type. But lately, Jouji has been so down his pectoralis major hasn’t even been tense. What’s a girl to do?

First Love Body chpt 01 – Read Online
First Love Body chpt 01 – Download

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7 comments on “First Love Body Chpt 01

  1. This is awesome! Thanks so much for translating this. I’m super excited for this 😀 Kotone has excellent taste xD

    • ^_~ glad you like it.

  2. This was equally amusing as was disturbing. The loli’s a total cutie but if the romance develops then I hope she’d at least be in middle school. Final year. Actually no just make her a highschooler (but keep the twintails!!)

    Though I havent found myself laughing from a manga in awhile, this one really did me. Seeing her admire the gorilla was great. Gorillas are great. Good taste.

    The muscles oh boy cant forget about them. At one point they bulged so… forwardly… that I was half convinced they were gonna pop out.

    Thanks a lot for the translations and I hope for a speedy update. This has the making for a real funny read.

    • From what I can tell is that it’s mostly just her crushing on him. I don’t have the second volume yet so not sure.

  3. Finally a reverse ecchi (now from a female’s POV.) Hahaha! I’m more amused than turned on…well, actually I’m not really turned on. Lol. Now I know why there are more ecchi mangas that seem to be meant for males. XD

    • Usually it’s just bad ecchi though for male mangas. XD

  4. Thank you very much! <3

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