Arrogant Kiss Chpt 02

 We were asked by an admin from Last Heaven Fansub if we would consider picking up this project from where it was left off. I read the first chapter and it was pretty darn funny. The other chapters did not disappoint!

Natsuki and her boyfriend were dating for two years until he dumped her for someone else. To top off the shock, her ex married his new girlfriend within 6 months! At first, she takes her broken heart out on Onda, a hot, popular guy at work, for introducing them, but could it be he isn’t what the rumors say?

Arrogant Kiss Chpt 02 – Read Online
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2 comments on “Arrogant Kiss Chpt 02

  1. Thanks for this! I like the mangaka! For the chapter 1, do you know where I can find the it to read? I tried looking for it but can’t find the english scans.

    • Try and search for Ore-sama Kiss.

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