Arrogant Kiss Chpt 04

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Summary: Your Lie on Christmas Eve
Shizuna’s career is finally looking up: She’s been put in charge of a team of four people at work! But not everything is going as planned. First, the other two women on the team both think cute coworker Kiyotaka has confessed to them. And then, he does confess… but to Shizuna!

Arrogant Kiss Chpt 04 – Read Online
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2 comments on “Arrogant Kiss Chpt 04

  1. This is really fluffy and artwork is nice too <3

    By the way, I think in chapter 4 , the credits says "Nagano Mei",
    isn't that Umi no Cradle's mangaka? maybe you mean Nagae Tomomi?

    Thanks for the scans and translation tho!

    • yes. D= Thank you so much for telling me.

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