Arrogant Kiss Chpt 05 – END

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Summary: Kiss the Princess
Shouko is a tall, cool-looking girl who wants nothing more than to dress up in cutesy clothing—and attract the attention of Hirotaka. In desperation, she asks a friend to hypnotize her and make her a cute girl, but Hirotaka ends up getting hypnotized.  What will happen…?!

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2 comments on “Arrogant Kiss Chpt 05 – END

  1. Thank you so much for actually translating and editing this manga, we actually didn’t expect much when we asked for your help, because you know, everyone has other things to do, are busy with their projects, etc, etc. So, when you actually answered our mail, and now that we see the manga finished… we’re beyond happy! <3

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • =) You’re welcome. We found it pretty amusing. Especially the last chapter.

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