Arrogant Kiss

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Mangaka: NAGAE Tomomi

A Collection of One-shots

Story 1: Arrogant Kiss
Due to her father’s re-marriage, the sisters Kana and Hina gain a stepbrother, Ryou, who happens to attend the same university as Hina. When Kana accidentally overhears Ryu’s friend mention how he’s becoming family with his unrequited love, what is she to do?

Story 2: A Love that Cannot be Recommended
Natsuki and her boyfriend were dating for two years until he dumped her for someone else. To top off the shock, her ex married his new girlfriend within 6 months! At first, she takes her broken heart out on Onda, a hot, popular guy at work, for introducing them, but could it be he isn’t what the rumors say?

Story 3: Holding My Angel
Hitomi is walking her neighbor’s dog when it breaks away from her and almost gets run over. A stranger rescues him and says that as compensation for his injured leg she has to walk his dog every evening. But could he have an ulterior motive…?

Story 4: Your Lie on Christmas Eve
Shizuna’s career is finally looking up: She’s been put in charge of a team of four people at work! But not everything is going as planned. First, the other two women on the team both think cute coworker Kiyotaka has confessed to them. And then, he does confess… but to Shizuna!

Story 5: Kiss the Princess
Shouko is a tall, cool-looking girl who wants nothing more than to dress up in cutesy clothing—and attract the attention of Hirotaka. In desperation, she asks a friend to hypnotize her and make her a cute girl, but Hirotaka ends up getting hypnotized.  What will happen…?!

Length: 1 volume (Complete) 

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Vol 1, Ch 1 – Done by another group
Vol 1, Ch 2 – download
Vol 1, Ch 3 – download
Vol 1, Ch 4 – download
Vol 1, Ch 5 – download