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Mangaka: SHIOMI Chika

“Falna…as long as a Ragtonia lives, the Necromancer will feed off of their life force. He took too much from you. He killed you. But I can give your life back to you, if you’ll choose to start living as a Liesian again & fight the Necromancer. When the Necromancer attacked this country, several thousand people were killed. Several thousand more had parts of their bodies stolen. They all became Ragtonia. Kill the Necromancer, release the Ragtonia and free this country from horror & destruction.”

Length: 4 Volumes  (Complete)

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Vol 1-2 – Done by Transient Mirage

Vol 2 – Chapter 10 – Download
Vol 3 – Chapter 11-14 – Download
Vol 4 – Chapter 15 – Download
Vol 4 – Chapter 16 – Download
Vol 4 – Chapter 17 – Download
Vol 4 – Chapter 18 – Download