Why Not Be My Dog ♥

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Mangaka: Miyata Kouji

Kazura, an office lady, only ever gets teased by her boss, Inukai. Her job? She transforms into a dog spirit to perform exorcists. However, there’s one small problem. In order to do her work as a dog spirit, she has to be kissed by the boss, or she can’t transform. Now then, let’s begin this inhuman romance!

Length: 6 Volumes (Complete)

Read Online Here!

Vol 1, Ch 01-04 – download
Vol 2, Ch 05-08 – download
Vol 3, Ch 09-12 – download
Vol 4, Ch 13-16 – download
Vol 5, Ch 17-20 – download
Vol 6, Ch 21-24 – download

2 comments on “Why Not Be My Dog ♥

  1. Thank you guys so much for translating this! You’re all amazing

  2. Thank you very much for your hard work on this series!

    RIP Miyata Kouji

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