Chichikogusa-small-cover  cradle  


Hana no Niwa Ame no Mai  Red Riding small cover 

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  1. I was wondering, are you going to translate any more erotic fairy tale books

    • Yes. Later on next year.

  2. you’re not gonna translate Black (the one with J as main character) anymore? why?

    • Ummm because there are no new chapters out? <_<

  3. Um hello. First wantes say thank you for all the translations you’ve done. And um when will the release dare of translated chapter 5 of “Umi No Cradle” be out?

    • to the right side of the website there is “Project Status”. QC means Quality Check so it can take a day or days.

      • Yay thank you so much. please keep up the great work, its a fantastic story!

  4. Thank you for picking up Ragnotonia! I’m looking forward to reading more of this series! <3

  5. Which website had the raw version of Hatsukoi body?

    • Ebook Japan.

  6. Hello, thank you for your hard work.
    Wanna ask about erotic fairy tale black is it ongoing at japan?

    • No idea. Seems Takano Yumi just does it whenever the publisher wants her to work on it.

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