1. When will _____ be release?

When we get to it. I have a ‘Project Status’ at the bottom right menu that’s updated frequently. That should give you a general idea on where it is on the list. So please stop asking. If a title is not on the list then we’re not getting to it yet, but we will eventually!

2. Are you going to work on all the Erotic Fairy Tales? What titles are there?

No we decided not to do all of the Fairy Tales. Mostly because some of them are just too awful a story or art wise and distasteful. We will do all of Takano Yumi’s titles.

3. Where can I read the raws for _____?

95% of our projects we buy ourselves or someone else did and with the help of donations or our own pocket money. If you want the raws I suggest buying them on EBJ. It’s where we get nearly all of our projects from. Including the Erotic Fairy Tale series. They accept VISA.

4. I’m from “foreign language group” can we translate  _____?

Go for it. I’m no longer going to list which group has what. Some groups “claim” a title and then it never gets released when another group would actually release it. Please just keep our credit page in your release. Thank you.

5. Any question regarding Takano Yumi’s works.

Check her site for any news on release dates, future, and past works! Use Google Chrome or any other browser that supports auto-translate! It’ll give you an idea of what’s being talked about! Her website: http://takanoyumi.com/

More to come when I think of them…

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  1. Hi!
    Me and some friends are starting a new spanish translation group, “Minu ga Hana”, and we are searching for some projects before our debut.
    I am interested on Yajuu Kanojo, for example, but I saw there is actually another group that plan to translate it…

    But looking at some of their works, I noticed that they use some words from South America, that it’s kinda annoying to read for spanish (from Spain) readers, so my question is if there is any problem on picking the project too.

    If not, there’s no problem, I’ll keep reading your fantastic translations 🙂

    See you soon!

    • I would have to say no. Maybe if the project was completed and they have already released all of the chapters in their language. Sorry about that.

  2. Hi, I’m an italian blogger, my name’s Lily and I really like Gou – Himetachi no Sengoku, it’s very interesting, today I’ve read all the chapters available online and I really desire to thank you for your good work! I’d really like to retranslate it in italian, I’ve searched online and it seems that none italian groups has it in their future’s list so I’m asking you permission to use your scans to retranslate it in italian, naturally if it’s possible. I’ll keep intact your credits page and I’ll credit you also on the project’s page on my blog.

    Thanks in advance, have a nice day.


    • Hi umm I gave permission to Dc Scanlations Team but I don’t think they’ve released anything of Gou yet. I suggest contacting them and verifying if they’re still going to do the series. If they aren’t you’re more than welcome to it. Just inform me. =)

      • Thanks for your kindness…I’ve just mailed them, I’ll update you as soon as I know something…bye

      • Hi, I’ve just spoken with their founder: they’ll do this project, so don’t worry, DC will takes care of Gou. Thanks for everything.
        Have a nice day and good luck with your projects.

  3. Hello! I’m from OmaWei Fansub, a spanish translation group. I’m writing to you in order to ask for your permission to translate your version of “Shinigami Hime no Saikon -Baraen no Tokei Koushaku” Our readers asked us to translate it because there’s not a spanish version of this manga; but before doing so we want to have your approval :3
    Thanks for you attention and please keep translating, your work is perfect! ^^

    • Hello we have dropped that title. We also originally gave Takuma Usui no Fansub permission to do that title in Spanish. Icarus Bride is continuing the series herself so you’ll have to ask her if anything.
      But thank you for asking!

      • Yes, but it looks like they dropped the proyect because only 1 chapter has been translated and it was a year ago :/ Anyway, thanks for replying, I’ll ask Icarus bride. Have a nice day :3

  4. Hello Antisense Scans, We’re from a Vietnamese translating group. My group’s name is Móin Team. We’d love to ask you guys for permission to translate your projects Inugamihime ni Kuchizuke into Vietnamese. We wish to contribute this projects to Vietnamese otakus. Therefore, your permission is really important to us in order to translate the manga. We’d put your credit on the manga link if you want. We apologize for any inconvenience.


  5. Hi, i am from Whitelies Fansub. we want to ask permission to re translate into spanish your manga Erotic Fairy Tales: The Star Money. We would need your translations and scans. This is our web http://whiteliesfansub.wordpress.com/ I await your response. thanks

    • Sorry but KCG-Fansub & Gesshoku Fansub has this title for Spanish.

  6. Hi,
    I am Sharoan, the founder of Manga Cosmo (http://mangacosmo.forumfree.it).I’d like to ask you the permissions for re-translate in italian Erotic Fairy Tales:The Star Money. Sorry for the disturb and good work with your scans.^^

    • permission granted.

  7. Hello, im starting to to build a fansub an we’d love to have your permissions to translate your (Yajuu kanojo) manga into Spanish . Of course, we going to respect your images and work. Thanks in avanced.

    • Sorry Loto Fansub has the title.

  8. Hello,I’m just a fan from TW.And as I also buying books from EBJ,I counldn’t help but want to ask a question.
    What kind of software or process U used to export those manga pages from the ebook file into the normal JPEG files?

    (Since I think it will be easier to read(from device to device) the raw manga I bought if I can make them to be “normal picture file” format,rather than “special ebook” format),so……after a long thinking,I decide to ask this question)

    • please read Buying through Ebook Japan under About.

  9. Hello there! We would like to retranslate a project of yours, Erotic Fairy Tales to spanish. Our name is Scarlett fansub, if you agree please let us know. Of course we will give you credit for your work etc. Thanks for taking the time to read this message.


  10. Hello there! We would like to retranslate a project of yours, Erotic Fairy Tales snow white to spanish. Our name is Scarlett fansub, if you agree please let us know. Of course we will give you credit for your work etc. Thanks for taking the time to read this message.


    • Please read #4

      4. I’m from “foreign language group” can we translate _____?

      Most likely yes, but please check and see if we have given another group permission first. You can find out what foreign groups are working on what on the projects page. At the bottom of the projects page there’s a list of foreign groups re-translating our projects. If they haven’t released anything I suggest you contacting them and inquiring or ask to do a joint. If they don’t plan on doing the title please inform me so I can update the list with your groups info.


  11. Hi everyone (^_^)/

    I’m Jurii, one of the admin of the French team Les Kitsune (http://les-kitsune.eklablog.com/).
    I’m here to ask your permission to retranslate the oneshot 30-Years-Orlld Virgin OL in French.
    To be honest, I’ll stop scanlation soon, and this story will be my “leaving gift” to my team (Les Kitsune still work thanks to the other admin Yunie, and I’ll just stay in the team as moderator).
    So it would be fantastic if you grant me your permission, of course we will keep your credits intact and we will add a link to your site on our project page (^_^)

    • Go for it!

  12. Great, thank you very much \(^o^)/

  13. Hello

    I’m an administrator of the group “BlackBird no Fansub” and we would like to ask your permission to translate the manga “Erotic Fairy Tales: Black” to the Spanish.

    Of course we will respect his credits

    Thank you for his work ^^

    • Sorry Gesshoku Fansub & Heaven of Temptation have asked for the title.

  14. Hello

    I am Miki Hyuga from Takuma Usui no Fansub and we ask permission to re-translate in spanish Erotic Fairy Tales: Ice Girl please *o*

    Group: Takuma Usui no Fansub
    Web: http://fansubtakumausui.blogspot.com/

    Miki Hyuga

    • You may.

      • Thank you very much *o*

  15. Hi is a pleasure to greet
    We wonder if we allow permission for to translation and raws the manga ‘mitsu na kotoshite kudasai'(future proyect) its version in Spanish by Scarlett fansub
    thanks for your time and response
    Thanks you for all ^^

    • sorry we don’t give out advance permission to projects we haven’t released yet.

  16. Hi I’m Suki from Pig Rabbit Fansub (a spanish scan) I’d like to ask you permission for 30-Year-Old Virgin OL. It seems that the spanish scan who have permission for this manga closed their scan: http://youkainf.tumblr.com/ so we’d like to translate it ^^
    Thank you in advance :’3

    • Hi sorry Youkai no Fansub had asked for permission. You may want to ask them if they did it already or still plan to.

  17. Hi, i am from whitelies Fansub, i want ask permission to re-translate your manga Mitsu na Kotoshite Kudasai into spanish. i wait your response. Thanks

    • Sorry Gesshoku Fansub had already asked.

  18. Hi, We wonder if we allow permission for to translation manga ‘Mitsugoku Marriage ‘ its version in Spanish by Scarlett fansub
    thanks for your time and response
    Thanks you for all ^^

    • We are not doing Mitsugoku Marriage. If you have someone who knows Japanese go for it.

  19. Hello!!! My name is Carla, I’m 24 years old and a manga lover. Currently I’m working as a translator English-Spanish in a Spanish fansub as a hobby (https://www.facebook.com/darkblackfansub?fref=ts), right now we would like to translate this manga “Virgin Ripper”, but we need your persmission. Would you be so kind to grant us your permission please??? =) We would really appreciate it. If you have any question do not heasitate in writing me back.
    Thank you so much
    Looking forward to hearing from you

    • Hi I believe most of them have already been taken. You can find out by going to each titles page and checking the “Groups Re-translating” section right under the download links.


  20. Hi again!!! We would like to have permission for these too: The Thirty-Year-Old Virgin OL, Erotic fairy tales BLACK and Kagome Kagome (IKEBE Aoi).

    Thank you!!

  21. sorry, and this one too: Watashi no Hakoniwa

    Thank you!!!

  22. Hi!
    I am manager of Loto Fansub group manga translation to Spanish wanted to see if I get permission to translate “First Love Confirmed!, Aigan Cinderella and Rengoku Kitan”

    • Hi we don’t give out advance permission to titles we haven’t released yet. But you’re welcome to “First Love Confirmed!”

      • thank you very much

  23. Hi I’m Ame from Ame Fansub (a spanish scan) I’d like to ask you permission for Hana no Niwa Ame no Mai, also, Baby Kokoro no mama ni! (One of your upcoming projects)
    Thank you in advance :3

    • Hi sorry but Baby Kokoro no Mama ni is being done by another group. As for Hana no Niwa Ame no Mai you’re free to scanslate that title. =)

      • Thanks very much!

  24. Hi!
    I am sharoan, the founder of Manga Cosmo (http://mangacosmo.forumfree.it).I wanted to ask you the permission to re-translate in italian Bokura no Koi wa Shi ni Itaru Yamai no You de.Sorry for the disturb and good work with your scans.^^

    • Yes you may. ^^

  25. Hi 😀
    I am Miki Hyuga, administrator in spanish group and we would like ask your permission to re-translate in spanish Bokura no Koi wa Shi ni Itaru Yamai no You de please :D.

    The Group name: Takuma Usui no Fansub
    Link to the Group site: fansubtakumausui.blogspot.com

    • Hi you may of course! But your group is so much further than ours in translation already. Haha.

  26. hi! I’m Anay from Kengai Fansub (kengaifansub.blogspot.com), and I would ask your permission to use his translation of Why Not Be My Dog retranslate into spanish.

    • Yes you may, have fun with it!

  27. Hi! Me and some friends are starting a new spanish translation group,(Totoro Fansub), and we are searching for some projects before our debut.
    and as the Spanish group had requested “30-sai, Shojo OL” canceled want to ask to work it eachother

    • Hi I checked their site and they did release 30-sai fully before closing their site. http://youkainf.tumblr.com/mangas You can download their chapter of it. Otherwise it would kind of be a waste of time re-translating it into Spanish. But if you want to go ahead. I wont stop you.

      • Thanks so had not been released

  28. Thanks so had not been released

    • Sorry I don’t understand. The did release 30-sai it’s on their site for download. I downloaded it and read it.

  29. As we are a new group looking for projects if they have one that they can give us
    appreciate it

  30. Hello,

    I am Misa from the French group MagicScan. I would like to ask you for your permission to retranslate some of your projects into french.

    The projects we are interested in are:

    – Erotic Fairy Tail: Ice Girl
    – Erotic Fairy Tail: The Star Money
    – Erotic Fairy Tail: The Little Match Girl
    – Watashi no Hakoniwa
    – Chichikogusa
    – Bokura no Koi wa Shi ni Itaru Yamai no You de

    Of course, we will respect all your rules.

    Many thanks in advance,


    • Yes you may! Have fun with them!

      • Thank you very much!

        Can we also have Erotic Fairy Tales: Black?

        I forgot to ask you in my previous post (sorry)

        Many thanks in advance!


        • I was wondering if you guys had forgotten it or just weren’t interested in it. XD But yes you may.

  31. hi, i am from whitelies fansub, i want ask permission to re-translate Aigan cinderella into spanish. thanks

    • Go for it!

  32. Hi!
    I am Sharoan, the founder of Manga Cosmo (http://mangacosmo.forumfree.it).I’d like to ask you the permission to re-translate in italian Aigan Cinderella.Sorry for the disturb and good work with your scans.^^

    • You may!

  33. Hi!
    My name is Mina and I’m writting to you to ask permission to retranslate into spanish this titles:
    + Anemone
    + Kikimimi Zukan

    Our group’s name is Zutto Manga! and our site is http://www.zuttomanga.com
    Thanks in advance and thanks for your hard work!

    • You have my permission.

  34. Thanks! :3

  35. Hi, this girl https://www.facebook.com/AsunaYuukiiw did erotic fairy tales little mermaid 27 without your permission, and removed the credits also http://www.tumangaonline.com/visor/Erotic+Fairy+Tales%3A+Little+Mermaid/8510/27/309/1

    • Hi thank you for informing me but there’s nothing I can do.
      I don’t really mind if others translate the titles. It would be nice if they left the credits but there’s nothing I can do. It’s not like I asked Takano Yumi if I can release her titles in English. So who am I to tell others they can or can’t work on the title without permission?

      Groups who do ask I respect because they’re willing to take the effort to ask and I acknowledge them and link them on my site. Those who don’t ask well they’re just stealing our English translation just like we stole Takano’s manga. It’s crappy and we don’t get credited but not much can be done.

      Again thank you for informing me. =)

  36. Hi!!! I’m part of an Spanish Fansub, Whitelies Fansub, I’m Nanami-Chan16~ I wanted knowing if I can get your permission to use your’s scans of Setsuna Yuki to translated it into Spanish. Is that many ;A; Thank you!! I’m sorry for disturb XD

    • Hello sorry you will have the ask The End for permission. It’s their raws and translations. I only did the lettering.

  37. Hi, Thank you for your hard working so I could enjoy reading the manga series Erotic Fairy Tales.

    I want to introduce this manga series and your work to a Chinese manga fan website. I’d like to ask for your permisson to upload this manga series to another online drive, because mediafire is kind of blocked in China. And of course I will also post your web links to keep your credits. I will also send you the link I introduce this manga series.

    Thank you very much!

    • Go for it.

  38. hi there antisense scans, thanks alot for all the beautiful projects you’ve had us read and enjoy.

    this is forever young from the turkish group “oyalanan manga”, and this is our batoto page:

    I would like to have your permission for retranslating yajuu kanojo into turkish. as I see, it is a joint project between you guys and delish scans. i looked up in their website and saw that they’re ok with getting their projects retranslated.

    we’re also going to give credit to antisense scans and the website, of course.
    thanks in advance.

    • Feel free to. 🙂

  39. Hello,
    I’m part of the french scanlation team Michi Yujo and I’d like to know if you’ll be willing to give us your permission to use your translation and scans for Bokura no Koi wa Shi ni Itaru Yamai no You de‏ please?
    Of course we will keep your credit and link back your site on our site as well 🙂

    Thanks for all your work!

    • go for it. I no longer give out permission for titles it’s up to the foreign groups.

  40. Hi, just saw Takano Yumi’s site. If I’m correct, it seems that black and akazukin-chan is still ongoing with unknown timeline. Will the group do it if it comes out?

    • Yes we’ll do it but we currently have it on complete until a new chapter comes out. I do plan on doing most of Takano’s stuff. I even have some of her yaoi titles. Just haven’t gotten to them.

      • Wow! That’s great news!

        Besides Takano Yumi’s, what other erotic fairy tale series are the group planning to do?

        • Dunno yet.

  41. When you said you’ll not translate “all”, do you mean you’ll still translate a few of them? There are quite a lot, and you did translate Yukionna.

    • I meant about the Erotic Fairy Tales…

    • We will translate some of them. A few of the newer ones are just… bad in art syle and most likely plot.

  42. Hello,thank for advice for pic exporting last time
    (It’s much easier to read those manga from EBJ on my phone as JPEG files)

    And I’m here to told you a bad news.Don’t update ebi.BookReader to newer than Ver.
    every ver. after,have a probelm on fullscreen mode.(it will lockup the keybroad in the mode,so the Hot-Keys of Gadwin PrintScreen won’t be working.)

    PS : Where did the “Buying through Ebook Japan” under About goes?,Didn’t see that tag there now.

    • I more or less deleted it since most people don’t bother buying raws and would rather just find free leaked ones.

      I actually downloaded the newest version and it still allows me to printscreen actually. My keyboard doesn’t lock up. =/

      • May I ask which version of Gadwin PrintScreen did you use,and the setting of you hot-keys?

        • Think the newest. I have my key set to F4.

          • OK,I think I got it.
            (Just tried the new setting myself)
            Appearly,the reader locked the typewriter keys and Numeric keypad.But not the function keys.

          • Glad that worked out for you!

          • THX for the advance.

  43. So can I take your manga and translate it to russian and post it on russian manga site? Hope I’ve got it correctly. Your credit page will remain ofc.

  44. Hello! I’m from Chiyoko No Fansub, a spanish translation group. I’m writing to you in order to ask for your permission to translate -Mitsu na Kotoshite Kudasai / -First Love Confirmed!
    Thanks for you attention

    • No need to ask for permission. Go for it.

  45. Hello,

    We are a young French Team of Scantrad (http://teampandacats.eklablog.com/) and we want to make some of your projects “30 Year old virgin OL and Anemone”.

    Do you accept that we use your translation to do ours ? We wish you a good day and congratulations for your projects. 🙂


    • Please read number 4.

  46. Yes I read, but for the form I prefer to ask ^^
    ok thank you very much .

  47. Hi~
    I am manager of the group in Spanish Moonlight no Fansub

    the purpose of my message is ask the ability to work in Spanish with the respective credits:
    – Scattered Courtesan
    we wait your reply,


    P.D: please reply me: xarexy@gmail.commoonlightnofansub@gmail.com

  48. Hi! I am the administrator of Paradise Akai Fansub (a group dedicated to the translation and edition of manga in Spanish).
    We would like to work these two mangas:
    Erotic Fairy Tales: The Ugly Duckling
    Erotic Fairy Tales: Sweet Going… Torn Between Two Lovers
    And so we would like to know if you can give us the respective permissions, please, we really like this mangaka. Of course we would respect your credit.
    I wait for your answer and thanks in advance.

    • No need to ask for permission. If no other group is working on it then go for it. Just please leave our credits page in your releases. Thanks!

  49. Agree!
    I have seen that none of those sleeves is in Spanish, so I asked. I always like to ask anyway. We will work it those mangas!
    Thank you very much for your reply! *O*

  50. Hi!

    i’m the admin of french team “Manga Friends”. It’s possible to have your agreement to translate into french your project

    – Time for a Walk

    Sure, we will respect your condition. We will linking you an our website and will keep your credits.

    thanks you very much,
    best regards,

    • No need for permission just leave our credits page in your releases.

  51. Hello! I saw that there is no need to ask permission to retranslate your project, that is why we “Usagi no Fansub” will translate “Hatsukoi body” into Spanish ,and obviously we will leave your credits page.<3 thanks for your great work <3 (Y)

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