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  1. Thank you for putting Waraenu Douji on your list. I hope you will be able to get to it soon!

  2. would you please consider translating “Kaikan Wedding Lesson” ?

    • sorry we’re not currently taking requests right now.

      • thank you for answering.

  3. Hello~ ^_^ uhh if ever you’re available or if ever you have the free time to add a project on your list of projects, I’d really appreciate it if you consider on working on Cosplay deka 😀 I don’t know/i’m not sure if it’s dropped or something because the last update was on june this year? and it’s really good :3 it’s smut too btw~ and it has 18 chapters so far. I’d really love it if you’ll continue/pick up this manga >_< the guys in it are so hawt <3

    • Sorry but it seems to have had a recent update from the looks of it from MU. Sorry but I don’t like to touch things that have had a release within a year. =/ Anything with a release older than 365 days will be considered. I have a ton of titles in my interested list. XD

      • ohh ahaha xD now that I checked there was an update this month :O I thought it was dropped already xD looking forward to some new titles ^_^ and please more smut >< since eft little mermaid was finished I can't find new smut manga T^T oh and thank you for all your hardwork~ 😀

  4. Oooh, just noticed that Hanaoni Tobira, Waraenu Douji and My Dear are on this list! Niiiice! I’m looking forward to them~

    Shame you guys can’t pick up Flat, though. You do such a good job on your scanlations.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Well it was picked up by another group. =) If they don’t release anything by next year (their last release was 205 days ago) we’ll pick it up. It’s a shame but hey at least it’s being released! That way we can do other projects too~

  5. I know this is too much of me to ask, but do you guys have any interest in translating Hogosha Shikkaku Isen wo Koeta Yoru? 保護者失格。一線を越えた夜 ? I’ve been searching it everywhere and I’d love to see it translated someday.

    • Maybe. We probably wont get to anything new until next year. I added it to my list of interested titles. But I do have a very long list of interested titles and it seems not many of them get picked up from other groups sadly. D= So my list just gets longer and longer… lol…

      • Understandable! I’ll have my fingers crossed though! lol.

  6. Hello, is there any plan for the other two Miyata Kouji (Inugamihime ni Kuchizuke, Kikimimi Zukan) manga that are unscanned? I’m talking about Utatane Hime (which I believe is another collection of short stories) and Mahiru ni Miyoko.

    • Maybe we haven’t decided yet because we still have so many other titles to do and finish up. I think the translator that did the Sweet Alien vol 2 was also thinking about doing those but it’s not set in stone yet.

  7. Hello! I’m sure you’re busy right and may not take upon any request (seeing how many projects you have on the list too ^^) But I just want to share a title named “Hanayoi Douchuu”.
    It has the historical, mature ambience about a courtesan.
    I’m not asking for any scanlation, just want to share if you might be interested to read it haha ^^

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