Chichikogusa Volume 6 Chpt 32

Chichikogusa-small-coverMany thanks to again Kirarin for translating this chapter!


Chichikogusa Vol 06 Chpt 32 – Read Online
Chichikogusa Vol 06 Chpt 32 – Download

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Time for a Walk Chpt 2

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Here’s a new chapter!


Time for a Walk Chpt 2 – Read Online
Time for a Walk Chpt 2 – Download

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Arrogant Kiss Chpt 02

 We were asked by an admin from Last Heaven Fansub if we would consider picking up this project from where it was left off. I read the first chapter and it was pretty darn funny. The other chapters did not disappoint!

Natsuki and her boyfriend were dating for two years until he dumped her for someone else. To top off the shock, her ex married his new girlfriend within 6 months! At first, she takes her broken heart out on Onda, a hot, popular guy at work, for introducing them, but could it be he isn’t what the rumors say?

Arrogant Kiss Chpt 02 – Read Online
Arrogant Kiss Chpt 02 – Download

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Chichikogusa Volume 6 Chpt 31

Chichikogusa-small-coverHere we are into volume 6! Please thank Kirarin for translating this chapter!


Chichikogusa Vol 06 Chpt 31 – Read Online
Chichikogusa Vol 06 Chpt 31 – Download

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First Love Body Chpt 01

 Here is the first chapter of a very funny shoujo manga! With lots of eye candy of muscled men!

4th-year Elementary student Kotone is obsessed with the aesthetic appreciation of muscles, and her older neighbor Jouji is her ideal body type. But lately, Jouji has been so down his pectoralis major hasn’t even been tense. What’s a girl to do?

First Love Body chpt 01 – Read Online
First Love Body chpt 01 – Download

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The Wheat Witch chpt 00

 I would like to give a big shout out to IcarusX the admin of Golden Roze Scans! Many thanks for helping me acquire this newest title by the wonderful Tagawa Mi!

At first I thought this was just going to be a one-shot which is why I wanted to do this. Well turns out it has been serialized bi-monthly. We decided we want to work on this title but the magazine it’s in would cost us $13 every other month. So we’re just going to wait until the first volume comes out. That way we can get all the extras like Chichikogusa.

The Wheat Witch chpt 00 – Read Online
The Wheat Witch chpt 00 – Download

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Erotic Fairy Tales – Rapunzel

I hate to say it but we decided not to do any more Erotic Fairy Tales. We have lost interest and most of the stories are pretty bad or just makes us uncomfortable. To make up for it I added two other titles into our list for this month. First Love Body and Arrogant Kiss.

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The Border Shop at Flower Demon Gate Chpt 01

This series is a very fluffy slice of life. It’s about demon’s who have their own personal dream and wishes about wanting to be a part of the human world. So they go to a border shop and the owner teaches them how to adapt.


The Border Shop – Chpt 01 – Read Online
The Border Shop – Chpt 01 – Download

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Snow Woman Fantasy: Chronicles of Michiyuki – Chpt 01

This one I was hoping to do last year but that’s okay! We’re doing it now! This is more of an adult feel to it. The main female is a Yuki-onna in modern times. She’s not as evil as the traditional stories but it seems she leaves her partners when they break her heart or trust because she may end up killing them.


Snow Woman Fantasy – Chpt 01 – Read Online
Snow Woman Fantasy – Chpt 01 – Download

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Waraenu Douji – 108 no Gou – vol 1 Extras

Here’s another new title! So many new titles this year and we’re not even done releasing for this month!

Sorry but we decided not to do the afterword because of how hard it is to read the kanji… it’s pretty bad chicken scratch.

Waraenu Douji Extra – Read Online
Waraenu Douji Extra – Download

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