Virgin Ripper Vol. 5 Chpt 18

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Virgin-Ripper-small-coverOh wow we are finally halfway finished with this series! Just 5 more volumes to go and I hope we can finish it by the end of this year! Or at least 2 volumes… Plus a volume or two of Gou… yeah…

We’re going to be busy the next 2-3 weeks because we’re hoping to move to our new house later this week.

Virgin Ripper Vol 5 Chpt 18 – Read Online
Virgin Ripper Vol 5 Chpt 18 – Download

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3 comments on “Virgin Ripper Vol. 5 Chpt 18

  1. Thank you so much!! Good luck with the move- I know it’s not fun.

  2. I’m so glad you guys are doing this series! I hope everything goes as planned for your move. I’m moving into my dorm this week too so everything has been hectic so I understand the struggle.

  3. Thank you for doing this chapter! can’t wait for the next +.+ The series just gets better and better

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