Kero Kero Chime Vol 1 Chpt 6

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kerokerochimeOkay here’s our first release for this month! Please look forward to a lot of releases for the next few weeks!

We have a few things lined up for this month! The Little Mermaid, Chichikogusa, Kagome Kagome, Do Something Honey for Me, a few one-shots, and maybe more if time allows! Be sure to vote on what you want us to work on for next year too!

I also wanted to mention that I added $50 into the donations as I was paid in ad revenue! Half of it went towards website costs. =) So yay!

Kero Kero Chime Vol 1 Chpt 6 – Read Online
Kero Kero Chime Vol 1 Chpt 6 – Download

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One comment on “Kero Kero Chime Vol 1 Chpt 6

  1. this is a cute manga i like it so far the brother was cool

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