Chichikogusa Volume 2 Chapter 10

Chichikogusa-small-coverWaaaah! Poor Shirou! But yay for more scene time for Tora’s co-workers!

Tagawa Mi has mentioned that volume 3 of Chichikogusa will be released in January! So I will be pre-ordering it for the omake and stuff! We should be done or close to done with volume 2 once we get volume 3!

Edit: Sorry I was notified that the last few pages were missing in the reader. They’re all up now.

Chichikogusa Vol 02 Chpt 10 – Read Online
Chichikogusa Vol 02 Chpt 10 – Download

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4 comments on “Chichikogusa Volume 2 Chapter 10

  1. hey it just ended really quickley thats bad what happens

    • Thanks I uploaded the missing ones onto the reader.

  2. Thank you so much!!

  3. Thank you so much for scanlating this!! It’s such a beautiful story. I’m also extremely grateful for your work with Tagawa Mi’s other manga, Hana no Niwa Ame no Mai. I’m looking forward to further releases on both of them!

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