First Love Confirmed! (Oneshot)

firstloveHere is the oneshot we’ve been working on! It’s super cute! Reminds me why I don’t do much high school shoujo stuff… So much text! Such a pain to letter!

First Love Confirmed! (Oneshot) – Read Online
First Love Confirmed! (Oneshot) – Download


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8 comments on “First Love Confirmed! (Oneshot)

  1. My teeth hurt. But still, very nice. Thanks!

  2. Thank you very much! <3

  3. thank you so much:)

  4. It is so… sweeeeeeeeeet 🙂
    Sorry, I almost cried… I love it :*

  5. Great one-shot. It’s pure-hearted and not sappy like a bunch of other shoujos.

  6. Thanks for the release! The guy is sweet and understanding. Well having a date while taking care of the kids is not that bad especially if they’re so cuuute like the triplets! <3 I'm surprised that michiru can be so understanding and considerate at that young age 🙂

  7. Hey, i really like this manga, can i translate it into Vietnamese? Thank you ^^.

    • Go for it!

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