Ragtonia Vol 4 Chpt 17

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ragtoniaAnd we’re back to releasing Ragtonia! One more chapter left after this!

We’re also at the point that I ask if anyone who wants to donate and help us purchase manga will be greatly appreciated.

Chichikogusa volume 5 is now out and I would love to purchase the actual volume to scan in the extras.
Takano Yumi will be releasing a new series later today/tomorrow it’s not an erotic fairy tale series but it is a smut title. (I will force my husband to translate it as soon as it’s finished being cleaned after being purchased.) Any amount helps. I will still purchase them even if no one donates. =) The $2 left in donates will pay for half of Takano’s new title.

Otherwise let’s get back to Ragtonia!

Ragtonia Vol 4 Chpt 17 – Read Online
Ragtonia Vol 4 Chpt 17 – Download

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  1. Thanks a lot!! 🙂

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