Mangaka: Tateha

Aka and Ine have always lived happily together in the miniature garden. But then, one day, a woman named Azuki appears. What will happen to the bliss that Ine and Aka once shared?

Length: Oneshot

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Oneshot – download

2 comments on “Anemone

  1. Hello !
    I’ve read your project and i’m really interested in this manga, so i’d like to translate it into Vietnamese to share it on some web.
    Could you please give me your permission? Of course i’ll keep your credit in that translation.
    I’m looking forward to your answer, even if it’s a rejection.
    Thank you.

    • No need to ask for permission. If no group has done it in your language you’re free to translate it so long as you leave our credits page in your release. =)

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