Kero Kero Chime

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By: Fujita Maguro

Mimori is the princess of the frog kingdom, a fantastical place populated by the human frog tribe and, well … frogs.  One day a young boy named Aoi from our own world shows up on the borders of the kingdom, claiming that Mimori’s elder brother Makaeru cast a spell on him that causes him to transform into a frog when splashed with water.  Together, Mimori and Aoi set out on a journey to find a spell to cure him.  (And things only get weirder from here on out.)

Length: 5 Volumes (Complete)

Read Online Here!

Vol 1, Ch 1-7 + Extra – download
Vol 2, Ch 8-14 + Extra – download
Vol 3, Ch 15-21 + Extra 1-3 – download
Vol 4, Ch 22-28 + Extra – download
Vol 5, Ch 29-31 + Extra 1-2 + One-Shot – download

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