Virgin Ripper


By: Fujita Maguro

New shinigami Hikari is doing her best every day to get used to her onerous duties. The only thing that keeps her going is the kindness of her superior, Commander Ryouma. But, when a disastrous event happens among the shinigami, everything changes… This slightly steamy manga is Fujita Maguro’s latest work.

Length: 10 Volumes COMPLETE

Read Online Here!
Vol 1, Ch 1-4 – download
Vol 2, Ch 5-7 – download
Vol 3, Ch 8-11 – download
Vol 4, Ch 12-14 – download
Vol 5, Ch 15-18 – download
Vol 6, Ch 19-22 – download
Vol 7, Ch 23-26 – download
Vol 8, Ch 27-30 – download
Vol 9, Ch 31-34 – download
Vol 10, Ch 35 – download
Vol 10, Ch 36 – download
Vol 10, Ch 37 – download
Vol 10, Ch 38 – download

11 comments on “Virgin Ripper

  1. Please please please update this soon! Its killing me to keep waiting :'(

  2. Is this project on hiatus ?

    • It’s not.

  3. I just can’t wait to the end πŸ™‚
    It is sooooo great.

  4. Thank you for the volume uploads! It’s so much less daunting for those of us late to the party.

    • You’re welcome. =)

  5. Is it possible for you to work on this story next? I cannot wait for the next chapter the suspense is killing me!!! Pretty please?

    • Sorry we’re slowly getting to it. It’s on the list. I allowed the 3 people who donated to pick what series they wanted done first.

  6. You guys looking for any help? I’m curious about how scanlation teams work and I stumbled upon you guys and this series last night!

    • Hi we could use a translator or two. =) Otherwise I’m pretty quick with the lettering and cleaning.

  7. OMG, OMG, only one chapter lefts!! Ty for traslanting this awesome manga!!

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