Please contact us at Antisense.Scans(at) if you are interested in joining!

We’re currently in need of a translator from Japanese to English.

Active Staff

Arleea – Founder, cleaner and godly redrawer also typesets.

Thestripedone – Haiku enthusiast, proofreader, and translator.

Ferdverel – Translator for Chichikogusa and Why Not Be My Dog.

Retired Staff

Yuki Minami – Typesetter for the Erotic Fairy Tale series.

16 comments on “Staff

  1. Hello, I would like to join your group as a proofreader. I have quite the free time available and I work fast. I’m also a native English speaker. I want to join because I simply LOVE the mangas you guys have scanlated!!! Thank you for your time and consideration.

    • Hi thank you for your interest. I usually have my husband proofread all the scripts and we don’t really have enough translations to warrant acquiring a proofreader. If we ever grow larger I’ll be sure to ask you and send you a test. Thank you for your interest!

  2. I am interested in joining the staff but I do not have any experience in any category. Is there still a way I can join.

    • Hi thank you for being interested! We’re mostly looking for a translator currently.

  3. Hi, I don’t really have experience, but I can translate Chinese. Is there any Chinese mangas that need translating?

    • Sadly all of our manga are in Japanese. >_<; But thank you so much for applying!

  4. Hi,
    If you are ever in need of a cleaner i would like to help out :).
    Im learning japanese atm so maybe i can help translate in the future ^^.

    Good Luck with the work 🙂

    • Thank you. =) Japanese translator would be lovely~ I’m pretty fast with cleaning. ^^

  5. Hello ^^ I’d like to thank you for all your hard work! Most of the manga I read are smut and I finished almost all of your translated manga!
    My favorites are Erotic Fairy tales and Aigan Cinderella <3 <3 <3
    I'm looking forward to the next chapters!

  6. Hello! I have a proposal for you …
    I am a Spanish translation group. I have some raws (Josei, smut) but I do not have Japanese translators
    I wonder if you’d be interested in doing a joint.
    I hope your answer: 3

    • Hello thank you for the offer of a joint but I think we will have to decline for now. We currently want to finish some of our current titles and ones I want to seriously work on in my future list.

  7. Hi, I would like to become a translator. I am currently learning Japanese and I have some free time to spare. I would like to help at least a little. Is there anything I could help you with? ϵ( ‘Θ’ )϶

    • I went ahead and e-mailed you. =)

  8. Hi i’ve always been interested in manga and is currently learning Japanese
    I am interested in becoming Japanese to English translator
    can you give me more information?
    Thank you

    • If you’re just learning Japanese it may be very hard for you to translate unless you know some kanji and/or how to look up the radicals. Most of our titles do not have furigana.

    • I do have 1 title that has furigana in it but it’s also pretty heavy on the katakana. It’s a shoujo title if you want to try.

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