First Love Confirmed!

Mangaka: Fujishiro Kasumi

As the eldest sister, Ayano must look after her three younger siblings. She has no time for love.  But when Kaede asks her out, can she juggle her responsibilities and her blooming love for Kaede?!

Length: Oneshot

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Oneshot – download

4 comments on “First Love Confirmed!

  1. Hello !
    I.. Don’t know where to ask so I’m asking here ‘o’
    I really like this manga and I’m french ! ^^
    I was wondering if I could translate this one in my language in order to share my pleasure with other ^^
    That it ! Byyye !

    • Sure go for it!

      • Thank you very much !

  2. Such a cute and nice story!!! Thank you for translating it!

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